Pseudo Live Motion Saints [Flash Fiction]

Bureaucrats do perform a sleight of hand more expertly than any dealer in a game of three-card-monty, or with a face that any magician would pay to perform with. No state can do without their bureaucrats; they conform to any state anywhere at any time. Do you imagine the Nazis or the Fascists in Italy or Castro got rid of all bureaucrats who had come before them? A horror in the existence of any state is simply this: the bureaucrats for Batista were the bureaucrats for Castro. Talk to any administrator who is your boss in any state-run bureaucracy or the likes and you will see the same people who went from pushing papers for Weimar in the beginning of 1933 and for the Nazis at Christmas time, most without missing a beat.

Bureaucrats are virtually ubiquitous in America–in all superstates this is true. The public connected to this bureaucracy, the public that any bureaucracy responds to are present everywhere, in every country, all peoples, all races, religions, classes. These conformist and no less lumpen masses are especially present every morning in our reflections. Who is not willing to be less than himself at every other turn for a little bit more in comfort or ease, or dollars? The fact that we deny this without question might point to somthing suspicious in ourselves.

Mostly, those of us who could be a people (The People) and who do not want to be a completely state subservient member of the public, only consider freedom to be liberty from responsibility, yet it is our responses, our actions, our choices, thus all in a set of our obligations that define us as a People, as a Democratic People, if we will. So, in our quest to be free, how can we imagine abdicating our responsibility to ourselves and to freedom while thinking we could remain free.

And this is part of every state’s attempts and successes at controlling the people. Those who do not serve the state are free to go to hell in a handcart. Always the most available freedom in America, this one where we are always at liberty to go fuck ourselves. But all the way down the road to our perdition, the illusion is maintained that the people are living free. This is a dogma to be cared for and persistently managed in any society maintaining the facade of freedom, instead of the foundation of freedom, the pretense of being democratic, instead of actually being democratic.

American pluralism is where being American now means that the people have lithified, where they have become a monolith of the most massive proportions. Pluralism here is a brand of politics seriously devoted to praying before the icons of our media, in imitatio de stelle, and we do look to our media icons for guidance, as some used to look to saints. We do pray in devotion before them, their images pressed as icons through our various media. What then are our TV personalities other than pseudo-live-motion saints, chapels in a box with an aerial tuner?


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