From the Notebook of Chiara Finestra [Flash Fiction]

[. . .]

Monday the 16th of May [. . .]. Morning.

Let me say again something I have said before, that no government, no administration, no man, no other women, no Law can take a woman’s rights away. These intermediaries in her life may stand as impediments to her choices or her choosing; they may coerce her in ways that are oppressive if not fatal; but they cannot take away a right she has unalienably from birth. A woman may be denied access to her rights by law; her personhood may be assaulted bodily –violating her physically or emotionally or mentally–but the rights she has unalienably remain intact because they are always intact universally, transcendently, absolutely for everyone for all time.

Later. Afternoon. 4:10 PM.

The universal, absolute and transcendental nature of human rights is a truth undeniable in spite of whatever it is any law says to the contrary or enforces as barriers. Let it be proclaimed throughout the world, that Liberty is everywhere Absolute and Transcendent. This means that the particulars of our world in the matter and manner of legislation that is established to prevent a person’s unimpeded exercise of his or her rights do not eliminate the person’s rights, they only violate the person’s rights. Violation is not erasure; the rights remain. We must remain steadfast in our belief in order to persist in our defense.

[. . .]

Wednesday,  May 18th.

Woman is, is a good place to start with respect for her unalienable human rights. Yes, to be for her is all that it takes for any woman to inherit her rights. She does not have to do anything for them, become something to have them; there is no bartering personhood, as has been the case in traditional marriage for millennia. Societies may legislate or set an enculturation against the free exercise of her unalienable rights, but we must never allow this imposition to displace the idea in our minds, the truth (yes, the Truth) of a woman’s rights. A woman’s to be–that is, her being–is not all that it takes to ensure her rights are respected and protected. Respect and protection are other things, things for which we need to keep vigilance.

Thursday the 19th [. . .].

[. . .]

The 20th. 9:38 AM.

The one fact from which most of our confusions on the unalienable rights of woman stem is that, if there are no laws to protect a woman’s unalienable rights, then these rights no longer exist. This is an elementary flaw in our understanding which aids in our confusion and a misapprehension of our responsibilities in defense of her rights, particularly the rhetoric we use to support her.

[. . .}

Saturday the 21st.

Now we do live in a world hyper-focused on what we assume are practicalities, so let me say that I do understand how many see legal interference with respect for a woman’s rights as the same as the woman not having any rights. Again, It is this thinking I have to oppose because it is this thinking that leads to a mentality that disallows us from articulating just what the dimensions of our humanity are, just what human rights are, and just what acting humanely amounts to in our interactions with others. Without an eloquent defense–and eloquence is not in itself a detraction from the content of an argument, but in itself a persuasive defense, fluent in its matter and means of trial–without this eloquence, that an appropriate articulation would amount to, we dis-serve women, that is, humanity.

[. . .]

The end.


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