Populations and Percentages; Facts, Figures and Indications Gone Awry

According to the United Nations, China has the highest incidence of sexual slavery in the world. Wait a second! China also has the highest incidence of humans in the world too. We could take the percentage of incidence of anything and probably find the highest number of occurrences in China, no? Maybe not for everything, but certainly for many, many things that happen to humans irrespective of place of origin. The highest number of geniuses are in China, no? But then this would point to the highest number of psychopaths too.

China allegedly has the largest market for kidnapped sexual slaves from around the world. I’m not sure if this has as much to do with the percentage of any human population that is disposed to propagating and perpetuating sexual slavery, as it does with traditions of misogyny and a lack of political will to fight for human rights, which, again, might have more to do with totalitarianism than it does with Chinese culture, although Chinese culture has to take some responsibility for what happens in its contexts of interaction.

There is also a large market for kidnapped children. In the total number of slaves of all kinds–although, slavery is slavery whether one kind or another–China and India are at the top, with India, as of 2014, having more slaves of all kinds–as sick as this sounds to categorize–than China. It is true, however, that both China and India have over a billion people apiece; it would be safe to say that when considering the numbers of anything, China and India could easily rank 1 and 2. It is also likely that the countries with the most idiots are India and China, if idiocy in a country followed a definite ratio irrespective of culture.

Under many different rubrics of calculations, it is probably true that China and India have the most numbers of psychopaths in the world, the most number of geniuses, the highest number of idiots, sexual deviants and child molesters, as well as wife beaters.These facts, facts and more facts must be a comforting notion for any country enduring population explosion.

Chinese women have the highest suicide rate from among all the women in the world. Nearly 500 Chinese women commit suicide daily in China. Again, I relate women’s suicide to the currency of misogyny before I dismiss the stats as reflective of a general statistical probability for women in general. That would be a gross generalization.

China also has the highest suicide rate irrespective of gender, but that is most likely because the suicide rate among women is so high. Of course, just what per cent of the population of women in China this number represents is easy to calculate; it might be a good idea to supplement numbers with per cent of population when figuring things like suicide, psychopathy, poverty, illiteracy; but then our love affair with numerals in statistics leads us to make no more accurate assessments than any two lovers can for the world around them, often as eclipsed as is any reality from our understanding when we submit our assessments to the numbers we garner from our statistical analysis, the latter never nearly complete or thorough-going enough to be useful, as if final assessments should ever be made based entirely or nearly entirely on numbers. Ours is, though, a fetish, an obsession rather than an organic love of numerals and stats and data of varying kinds.

Is it then true, as one friend put it, and I repeat: China just might be misogyny central in the world, which is interesting, considering how the Western Media has focussed on Islam as the center of misogyny in the world. Muslim women do not kill themselves at the rate of Chinese women, but then China does not have the same moral or ethical mandates against suicide as do Muslim women. The metaphysics of morals for Chinese women do not provide the same stop-gap as that which is provided against the sin of suicide in the monotheistic religions of the west.  Suicide has been a viable option, as it was in pre-Christian antiquity. What then must we say?

All countries are glass houses, so I guess no one should throw a stone? Let he who is without sin . . . but that just is not our nature–we love throwing stones. Let the glass panes shatter. What do stats tell us anyway? More on this up-coming in future posts.

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