Taught to Dis-see [Flash Fiction]

Blindness has given Tiresias other eyes. We should be so lucky to have them. The wise understand this; the fools never will. A fool will always form a thousand questions to keep the wise man playing hop-scotch. Hop-scotch or ping-pong, the idiot’s delight in argument, his intellectual acumen never veering far from either. How blind are we? Look and you will see. I am blind in ways my vision hides. I see and I see not, but I see not how I do not see when I look. We have been taught to dis-see. Education in America, as in most public varieties everywhere, is more about indoctrination into the values of the status quo, than it is about making individual students eloquent defenders of freedom and democracy.

Our culture today could care less; individuality in America is more about self-enslavement than it is about freeing us. Freedom has a lot to do with being human as opposed to being only Homo-Sapiens. We like to act like monkeys, all of us. The appearance of being free is the best we care about. Solipsism is the reigning popular philosophy. Do not forget the Soviet Union had elections, and Nazis Germany had its Octoberfest.

What then are these eyes for that I have, that I use, that I look at the world around me surrounding me [. . .].

[. . .]

Vision sometimes surrounds seeing, looking enclosing seeing. Ah, the blinders we use. Horses drawing carts, everyone; the carrot hung on a string from a stick raised over our backs.

[. . .]

There is nothing more easily ignored than the obvious; we are all pressing the newspaper to our noses to get a better look we think and wondering why we cannot read what’s in black and white. There are truths too horrible or just too uncomfortable to acknowledge. We voluntarily close our eyes and when we point our closed eyelids toward any light, we do see a vague or opaque pink; another version of La Vie En Rose. How do I understand anything, how do any of us understand anything?

[. . .]


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