Our Caves [Flash Fiction]

The television is another cave, one cave looking into another cave. Our movie theaters are caves of a kind–why we never drew the analogy–escapism the greatest desire of those producing movies. The mind has become a cave today; the skull itself rather cave like. Caves are anywhere we reside in our familiar darkness. The shadows we’ve grown accustomed to.

Tomorrow I will leave my cave with my rifle? I don’t own a rifle, but millions of Americans do, and they are not of the class that writes Op-Ed pages in the Times, but those who will leave their caves with their rifles–pretty much why the power elite with the help of the monied-media elite continue the campaign against guns, perhaps even with the aid of government managed atrocities, to get the rifles away from the People, for if there were ever a reign of terror in America with the assault rifles and hunting rifles of a populus who often shoot better than most cops . . .

The guillotine will have nothing on the carnage brought about by a People convinced that Wall Street gangsters have nothing in common with the common man or woman in America, and represent a completely alien mentality from that which even the elite likes of Jefferson and Madison supported. A threat greater than standing armies, these Wall Street Bankers, you know Jefferson would have told us. All of an impure blood, the Marseillaise can tell us. How far do you imagine America is from a Reign of Terror of its own? I hope not, but then I realize how futile hope is against a future framed in the mind of the masses by inevitability. And yes, I said mind, not minds.


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