In Similitude [Flash Fiction]

“So I saw in my dream that the man began to run.” I have to run in my dreams. I have tried to run faster in dreams without success. I have moved about in my dreams, seen in close ups in my dreams, extreme close-ups, persons in extremis,  only parts, everything succumbing to the demands of metonymy.

I too have seen interior and exterior scenes in my dreams through eyes in the dreams I knew were mine, did not question if they were another’s. Whose eyes could they have been–even if they were the eyes of another personage in the dream (and note well that I did not say person), this other character would be me. I play all the roles in my dreams?

Dreams are projections; projected images in my dreams. I run and the eyes that see the running see a world approaching at oblique angles that would not be seen in the world when awake. The cinema of the unconscious–I do not like that we call this place in the psyche un-cosncious. But it does erupt in dreams, no, so then what is unconscious is during sleep; what happens during sleep is in the realm of dreams whether remembered or not. How dreams dreamed effect us unconsciously is something to be concerned about–this aboutness is a crucial point in any discussion on what thinking is, how much of our philosophy of mind–our psychology–is wrapped up in this aboutness. What is it all about?

I see in my dreams as if through a mask, I used to think. I see movement coming toward me as if I were standing still and the world were moving toward me. This is a fact of relativity physics maintained by the verisimilitude of my dream. Being awake is a mask for the dream self? The Self (if the capital ‘S’ is appropriate) is made of many selves? Questions do beget more questions. Get behind the masks I wear inside, another mandate of my psychology. There is that I am we again.

Everything in a dream is seen as if the eyes I have to see with in a dream were a camera-eye. I run in a dream and there, a phantom ride as in a film when the camera becomes the eye of a character, and not the narrator, the narration being the montage.

The cinema of dreams; dreams are cinematic. The cinema is another dream world, or do we say dream-like.

Similitude again.




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