How What You Do Not Know Can Hurt You A Lot

“The cliche goes that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but even more dangerous than that is more and more knowledge without a corresponding wisdom. Yes, facts are facts never in themselves knowledge, arranged and collected as we often do, inarticulately. Knowledge in itself is never wisdom. Let us live wisely seems another mantra we make without the acumen to listen; we have turned wisdom into a slogan, into a counter-propaganda statement akin to greeting card enlightenment. How much more fucked could we be,” he asks genuinely, a man concerned for the fate of civilization, or so he likes to say in forums such as this one, sitting a table in a cafe, today, this morning, early, relatively, posturing himself before friends as someone apart from the mass of those who populate the thinking members of his contemporaneity, a man, not so unlike other men or women, who has never been at a loss for telling people close to him, you suck, without actually saying the words . . . not quite the euphemisms used, either, as that says what it says how it says it to whomever it does say something, although you or I would have to want it to say something to either of us if we were to get it the way we would need to to really get it, I probably mean, actually and not really. (Thank-you for the patience, I would have liked to have said and have inserted this as an addendum during one of my editing ventures, as I do look again what I have written said transcribed from others saying or having said, what we do say being ephemeral, especially in the re-membering, the re-collecting . . .).

[Short-short story]


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