How the Crazy Man You Are Speaks of the World You Live In

[. . .]

A crazy man speaks of his having discovered he was crazy in a world far madder than he, or so he wants to think, thus believe, know in a way other than how others know the things they say they know for certain, or so I imagine of him, as I think from time to time about him, remembering quite accurately everything this man has evert said. He said, “One does not explain all things by one thing alone, but by explaining all things by all things at once. Not in time extended can anyone explain everything needing to be explained, but by explaining everything needing to be explained in pure simultaneity. Adam would have needed infinite time to name infinite things. But infinity never comes; it is never reached in time or space. Infinite time would not be enough time; no amount of time would ever come closer to infinite time. One billion to the one billionth power is no close to infinity than one. Eden was a space for eternity to exist; paradise in this way was heaven on earth. It is only from eternity that infinity is resolved. It is only in this way that the Incarnation of the Son of God begotten not made before time and creation could be Alpha and Omega, beginning and end at once.”

a short short story


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