Both Sides of the Coin are One Coin [Flash Fiction]

Be quiet, be still. Shut up and keep your eyes opened, but in this shutting up, in this closing your mouth, my mouth, I am intended to reach the silence at the heart of Truth–yes, Truth, the capital ‘T’ kind, no longer of my kin, by my kin and for my kin, all my relatives are disappearing. I am disappearing.

Tiresias keeps his eyes opened in spite of his blindness. We know that we can see with our eyes closed as much as we understand that having vision does not mean we can see what Tiresias can see, that there are different seeings discussed here. WouldI have Odysseus’s courage in voyaging to the Underworld; would I have Orpheus’s courage; I know I would not have Oedipus’s; maybe I’d have Antigone’s.

I have been raised in a very dishonest America, though; here in America I have a kind of dishonesty that masquerades as wisdom. Kings of hypocrisy all of us I am led by our Congressional Law-giving Pimps, the whores we are, I am selling our water, our future, our liberty, and not even for ourselves, but so that the few can get richer at the expense of our children’s future, my child, my child, a rose is a rose is a rose even if we call it budding shit. Yes, all at the expense of the future liberty of all Americans–but most specifically my son.

We let our Pimps tell us it is our fault, and that we have to do with less because we want to get America back on track. And what are Congressmen but a meeting of the Pimps; gangsters of another brand. We are all of us, fools, and you know who the King of the Fools is, don’t you? I know he is the Banker’s bitch, the whore of the Wall Street pimps. You imagined otherwise? How so? No one in his position for too long has ever been anything but the bitch of Wall Street or the bitch of the Oil Gangsters. Flip the coin–heads or tails–one metal; one minting.

Flipping coins instead of thinking, the errors of our empiricism have lead us to love randomness the way gamblers do; playing hop-scoth with the truth we have both a frenzied desire for and a nostalgia for; randomly passing images in the mind we have allowed to stand for thinking for too long.

I want to buy gun, a rifle.


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