Sexuality, Feared [Flash Fiction]

What I say I say for all people. I speak for all people everywhere . . .

Sexuality is often feared even in the west; it is certainly feared in the Middle East. The alleged sexual freedom or liberation of the west is not what it pretends to be, although there is a working out of what it is, what it means, what it could be . . .

Human sexuality in itself, and not that endorsed by American popular culture, has had many psychopathic responses from men in Muslim countries, particularly when the matter of this sexuality is discussed in relation to Muslim women.

We fear ourselves, we fear our power, most often our power to love, to fall in love, to be in love; sex in itself is love–the desire is the beginning of love. Love is not the chattel control of women by men. Human understanding of human sexuality has had its set-backs.

It is human, though, this fear of sexuality. How cultures or religions manage this fear differs from one to another; how Muslims have traditionally managed their fear of sex and sexuality is radically different from how we do so in the United States today. We cannot, though, under pretext of religious freedom, allow Muslim men to violate the rights of Muslim women, rights that they have whether Muslim Women seek to abdicate these rights by their choices or seek to achieve them in spite of what their men want or say.

What I have said I have aid for all people; I speak for all people everywhere every time I speak.


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