Totalitarian Capitalist America

Now Politics: the Political Opinions of Thomas Sarebbenonnato

Centralized government is not a necessary requirement of a totalitarian government. Totalitarianism can manifest in a society with a government as structurally de-centralized as ours, or should I say, nominally de-centralized rather than structurally? However, centralization has been the hallmark of American governmental  moves, although, policies and programs run through the federal government or with federal oversight, or with federal monetary support is not exactly what I mean by centralization; however, it does become the fixed point in most American critique of American liberal reforms, or any attempts from government policy to manage or influence or sponsor a change in social behavior; nonetheless, American conservative critique of what they call in their multiplicity of confusion, and confusing rhetoric, Big Government not withstanding my critique of totalitarianism in America, government does want the People to become wholly and exclusively a Public.

The single most frequently present denotation for Totalitarianism remains “subservience…

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Action, Reaction, the Synthetic Fabric of Reform in America

Anyone who imagines that the Protestant Reformation was a liberal revolution, was about being at liberty, is seriously mistaken. There was not one Protestant reformer that was not reactionary. They were inordinately conservative movements, with conservative motives and impulses. The Puritans in America were anything but about freedom as we might want to understand it … Continue reading Action, Reaction, the Synthetic Fabric of Reform in America

Alain Vigneault is the gift that keeps on giving

Battle Of Hudson

c-nbgxtxuaanak_ Perplexing decisions by coach Alain Vigneault didn’t help the Rangers win Game 2. Neither did the play of some of his players. AP Photo via Getty Images courtesy NYRangers.

Just when you think he’s finally figured it out, Rangers coach Alain Vigneault does something that makes no sense at all. The prevailing thought on his successful stint here is that he’s a very good coach who’s guided the team to its only Stanley Cup trip since ’94 and within a period of consecutive appearances.

In the fourth year of an original five-year contract that pays him $2 million per season, Vigneault has done a very good job. It’s hard to argue with his success behind the Ranger bench. In four years, he’s won 192 games leading the Rangers to four straight postseasons. They’ve had a lot of success making deep runs while winning a President’s Trophy. His .628 winning…

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A short piece revised from a reply to a reply concerning another response. I am not trying to be cute.

Now Politics: the Political Opinions of Thomas Sarebbenonnato

Trump does have a virtually anti-NATO agenda that is collateral with his flirtations with Putin–my objections to Tilerson snubbing NATO (and at this time, in the current poltical context, it is a snub) are retroactive and also attached to Tilerson’s dealings with Russia before being Secretary of State and his possible dealings then . . . my comments about Tilerson’s snub first appeared as a comment on an article I posted to my FACEBOOK page, a comment I then revised into a short piece entitled, The Corpocratic State is NOW, which appeared in this political review, Now Politics.

The first oppportunity to meet with NATO, given the investigations and allegations concerning the Administration, should have been taken . . . there is a Stagecraft to Statecraft in every single society, in the world community . . .roles to play, and Trump is genuinely too stupid to understand any of that…

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MARAT TODAY; a fictional essay

Now Politics: the Political Opinions of Thomas Sarebbenonnato

If I hear one more Post-Structuralist anti-humanist Heideggerean Positivist old neo-Franco informed determinist critique on race and white privilege from any one of too many Orthodox Politically Correct Cultural Marxist dogmatics (ironically and contradictorily allowing Marketing and not the market-place to determine their course), I will list them on the flip-side of all Trumpeting Proto-Fascist White Suprematist Anti-humanist determinisms I also hear haranguing people on the internet from any one of the nefarious motherfuckers calling themselves The Alt-Right, as if Kentucky Fried Chicken ceased to be Fried the moment we started calling it KFC.

When I form my Neo-Jacobins Club, I’ll know who the enemies are–I used to list myself as Non-White Caucasian in college, so as far as I am concerned, from this day forward, anyone Black or White or Other is an enemy of humanity, so long as anything but a universal humanity is the talk-talk, right along…

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How We Are Living the “Emperor’s New Clothes”


Please find “The Emperor’s New Clothes” below. I have included it here because of its relevance to our political contemporaneity. The thesis still holds even with TRUMP becoming President because he is now the candidate who readjusts our notions that there are ideological differences between the parties, just close enough to the time when we had begun to imagine that the opposite might be true, and that Democrats and Republicans just might be flip-sides of a singularly minted political coin, either one as useless as the other–and I do not imagine that Power that loves Power and Monied Elites who love Money and more and more of it, are adverse to manipulating politics for their purposes, to the point that this Carnival Show of Trump could be to readjust the People as a State Serving Public accepting of the former Status Quo. In fact, it is too uncanny for me to get…

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Some Notes on Gerrymandering

Some things about Gerrymandering we might need to consider--one of these is that it does not only need to be used to help politicians--it can be drawn to protect groups that might otherwise be displaced by gentrification. Now how can Gerrymandering be used to protect groups who would otherwise be underrepresented? If Gerrymandering were to … Continue reading Some Notes on Gerrymandering

Prophet of Our Contemporaneity

What then, Monsieur; what then, Mesdames et Messieurs?

Now Politics: the Political Opinions of Thomas Sarebbenonnato

“No, liberty is not made for us: we are too ignorant, too vain, too presumptuous, too cowardly, too vile, too corrupt, too attached to rest and to pleasure, too much slaves to fortune to ever know the true price of liberty. We boast of being free! To show how much we have become slaves, it is enough just to cast a glance on the capital and examine the morals of its inhabitants.”

― Jean-Paul Marat

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How Power and Money Do not Need Conspiracies to Control

Now Politics: the Political Opinions of Thomas Sarebbenonnato

A reprint from early December 2016.

Why has Obama dragged his feet on what the CIA has announced that he perhaps knew about a month ago before the election? Because there is a web of Power and Money that controls government in virtually direct ways–I know we do not want to see the extent; I understand how we might want to avoid seeing this present in the choices or decisions of a man so beloved by so many. However, it has been reported that the CEO of Citicorp had delivered to Obama a list of names that would be suitable choices for the President’s Cabinet (still choices far less scary than the collection of misfit misers and other vindictive, single-mindedly greedy reactionaries that Trump had collected) . . .yet they became Obama’s Cabinet.

Moreover, nonetheless, nevermore . . . the Clintons parading around as liberals is truly a joke; yet…

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THE DARK AGES ARE NOW [Notes, notations, notices]

Dark Age does not mean there is no sunlight, that the sun does not rise and set, that summer never comes, that everything is obscure under clouds and shrouds, terminally gray, as I had said once of ten days in Paris when the sun did not shine. Even in what we once referred to as … Continue reading THE DARK AGES ARE NOW [Notes, notations, notices]

4 or 5 Reasons Why We Live in a Totalitarian Capitalist America

Totalitarian structures in a society need not only be aligned with Communism, a failure on American Political Science to grapple with this as ideas trickle and seep through the rocks of American ideology (?), American journalism (?), common parlance in America? Yes, and yes, and yes again, only without the gain I would hope understanding … Continue reading 4 or 5 Reasons Why We Live in a Totalitarian Capitalist America

How You Talk Out of Both Sides of Your Mouth When You Talk Electoral Politics

The same people who chant nearly monosyllabically about one person one vote say nothing when it becomes apparent that our Senate does not have enough of a Republican majority to push repeal of Obamacare through. The same framer who gave us the Electoral College, gave us the idea that a 2/3 majority should be necessary … Continue reading How You Talk Out of Both Sides of Your Mouth When You Talk Electoral Politics

Why Syria Has Become the Problem it Is?

Read slowly; read carefully, and please no ping-pong or hop-scotch, rhetorical, poltical or idiotic.

Now Politics: the Political Opinions of Thomas Sarebbenonnato

Remember, as far back as 1991, with Bush I’s Desert Storm,we realized that we could use our military in the middle east without resistance from Russia. Iraq had been an old Soviet Client regime . . . please recognize the US client regimes in Israel, Coata Rica, Morocco, et cetera. Syria and Iran were the other two big Soviet client states in the region. Surprise,surprise that we are now focussed on Syria after we have pulled out of Iraq (itself questionable for regional stability, but . . .).

As early as 2005, the US special ops were training opposition to Assad, and we did not care if they were the Muslim Brotherhood or anyone else, so long as they posed a threat to Assad and promoted the potential for regime change. Obama has done nothing but make Syria’s problems worse, not caring too much how many people (read: women and…

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How the Song of Transition Remains the Same?

Disclaimer–this is not support for Donald trump.

Now Politics: the Political Opinions of Thomas Sarebbenonnato

What we must not forget is that the Obama administration, the same administration that has been claiming how necessary it is to listen to intelligence information, which the President touts as efficient and superior in its capabilities, took a hands-off position with ISIS for too long, allowing it to gain momentum, support, strategic position in its assualt against Syria. We must suspect that it should have known something credible about ISIS before ISIS gained momentum, seeing as we were already in Iraq and had been garnering from there and around the region intel that Obama claims is the result of efficient expertise from the Intelligence Community . . . I do not imagine that Israel’s Mossad missed the opportunity to  appraise the situation with ISIS, unless both the US and Israel decided to use ISIS to topple Assad.

Yes, the U.S. has sponsored regime change in Syria in direct antagonism…

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10 Reasons You Should be Concerned about America’s Political Contemporaneity

The CEO of EXXON as Secretary of State protecting our interests only brings back in my historical recollection the U.S. Oil companies selling oil from Mexico to Nazis Germany; oil company subsidiaries drilling in the Gulf offshore from Mexico run by U.S. boards of oil companies. Love the idea that oil will not sell us … Continue reading 10 Reasons You Should be Concerned about America’s Political Contemporaneity

Why Even the Solutions to Democratic Party Failures will Fail

I came across a post on Facebook by Occupy Democrats, and it was of a white working class man with a text-over caption that was grossly over-generalized, and if it had been framed for another purpose, any other purpose, contextualizing another non-white male, it would have or could have easily, while remaining as overly generalized … Continue reading Why Even the Solutions to Democratic Party Failures will Fail

What You Don’t Know About the Electoral College

State legislature role in determining Electors who gather to Officially select our President only shows us how important State elections are, how significant it is to vote conscientiously for your State Assemblies and State Senate. I am tired of continued mis-representation of the Electoral College or knee-jerk responses from either Democrats or Republicans who express … Continue reading What You Don’t Know About the Electoral College

When There’s Even More You Have Not Considered About the Electoral College

The Electoral College actually does have everything to do with the election. Once more, there is no reasonable explanation for assuming we live our lives Federally, when in fact most of everything we do is defined, managed, ordered, disseminated by our States. If we are not willing to investigate the form of government we have, … Continue reading When There’s Even More You Have Not Considered About the Electoral College

When You Play Ping Pong with Slogans and Hop Scotch with the Truth for too Long, You Get Trump and Hilary

What I see and hear from many on the Left in repsonse to Trump scares me as much as Trump and his supporters do because of how easily the former are and have been baited by the Right, and how lazily and reflexively these same champions of the Left have been reaching into their bag … Continue reading When You Play Ping Pong with Slogans and Hop Scotch with the Truth for too Long, You Get Trump and Hilary

How Garrison Keillor Remains a Status Quo Mouthpiece in The Washington-Clinton Post

I read Keillor's commentary piece in the Washington Post tonight (it appeared on Wednesday), and  I wanted it to be funnier, but then decades of systematic under-eduaction and enforced semi-literacy have made his left-leaning readers and listeners a lot less able to handle the once more pristine ironies. I guess he knows his audience, and … Continue reading How Garrison Keillor Remains a Status Quo Mouthpiece in The Washington-Clinton Post

When the American Political Party Diagram Shifts Entirely to the Right

Imagine a very large rectangle drawn on a piece of paper with a line equally dividing it in two; one side Left and the otherside Right, and I mean that politically. Then take a smaller rectangle also equally divided in two, one side Democrat and the other Republican. Then imnagine two lines, one above the … Continue reading When the American Political Party Diagram Shifts Entirely to the Right

How Trump Happened to You

It has been American Liberalism as it has transformed itself over the last half century that most vehemently attacked the notion of a capital 'T' Truth, attacked the rhetoric of traditional humanism abandoning us to relativism, situational-ism and topical-ism in our social ethics, government responsibilities, political decisions, fiscal management. We decided to throw the puppy … Continue reading How Trump Happened to You

You and Michael Moore Today Are as Mistaken as Every Democrat was Yesterday

Go to Michael Moore's Facebook page, that's Michael Moore Public Figure with his photo, and see what he posted for today, and see my comment to his post, which I for the most part agreed with, except his comment on the Electoral College System of voting for President, which in our endemic under-eduction in America, … Continue reading You and Michael Moore Today Are as Mistaken as Every Democrat was Yesterday

How Gary Taylor Has Become a Prime Enemy of Western Civilization [a short story]

He speaks. And what he says . . . to say what he says or to bite his tongue and thereby end all discourse on the facts of Shakespeare--funny coming from one who imagines that facts are not possible to discern? That is not what he imagines, is it? But he does equate facts, facts … Continue reading How Gary Taylor Has Become a Prime Enemy of Western Civilization [a short story]

When is the Question? I Think You Know the Answer

Prefatory Remarks He says what he says, saying things as he tells people things, the things he thnks he needs to say, things he imagines he should say, what thinking and imagining have in common he has not considered in too long he would say if he remembered, what memory has to do with saying … Continue reading When is the Question? I Think You Know the Answer

Where Have All the Questions Gone? prose fiction

Long time passing with questions that used to beget more trenchant questions. Yes,  I used to say that. I recall how many times I heard offered as a rebuttal: If you question this then you wind up questioning that and that and that. When does it end? I still have no idea what that means, what … Continue reading Where Have All the Questions Gone? prose fiction

What You Do Not Know About Conclusions [a tale, short-short fiction]

An attempt at what others around him have called wisdom, not really knowing, he would think, what they were saying, simply using a word they had heard bandied about by others of the undergraduates who would have congregated in the English Major's Lounge when most of them were still very young, except myself, I say, … Continue reading What You Do Not Know About Conclusions [a tale, short-short fiction]

How Dylan Became What You Did Not Know He Was

All Literature is Discourse but not all Discourse is Literary a short story   You know the saying about cognac and brandy, don't you? All cognac is brandy, but not all brandy is cognac.  I guess this is of no never mind, about brandy and cognac, about how all of the latter is the former but … Continue reading How Dylan Became What You Did Not Know He Was

What is There for You to Remember?

Remember--what is there to remember? To be a member once again, of what, of where, of when, with whom? I genuinely ask, asI have suspected that I might not be doing such. Renewing one's membership--to be a member of society or not to be a member of society? Again, questions beget questions, and so on … Continue reading What is There for You to Remember?

When the State Wants to Shove a Microphone Up Your Cunt

How the Search for a Fetal Heartbeat is an Effective Return to the Curtain Rod.

An essay from a few years ago, also reissued last October, almost to the day one year ago.

The Falling Leaf Review

There are people, organizations, institutions and leaders in politics that support the idea that a woman should be made to get an ultrasound and then listen to the fetus’s heartbeat before she can go through with the abortion she has decided to get. In the case of a pregnancy not yet five weeks, as I understand, no heartbeat can be detected, so a probe must be inserted in her up to the opening of the cervix– it cannot enter the womb, or can it, I don’t know, but this is futuristic alien invasion stuff. This is an effective return to the curtain rod.

I know that this is far, far too invasive. I cannot imagine what mind thinks of this stuff–and stuff is used without irony or pun intended. It is another punitive measure imagined by moralizers, who, when matters of morality arise, are usually wrong or wrong-headed or exaggerated…

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Everything You Need to Know About Praying

The Falling Leaf Review


I do not recall the last time I said the “Hail Mary” with any devotion; nor do I the last time I recited it aloud in Latin, as I had been taught to do by my dad, a Puccini-loving cop from Brooklyn who used to walk the Fulton Street beat and was the 80th precinct mid-wife. I recall the times–what? What acts events persons wants desires needs do I recall? All of them or some of them at least in fragments now? What of or what about my Dad and I  do I recall, could I recollect . . . together sitting around recollecting times he delivered babies in cabs, on buses, in coffee shops or other stores; or on the sidewalk on Fulton Street in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Too many people did not call an ambulance, instead my Dad or the Precinct, which then meant my Dad if he…

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How Coalition Support of Tribal Lawsuits Against US Army Corps Permits for the Dakota Access Pipeline Might Help the Cause

On Tuesday, July 26, 2016, the US Army Corps of Engineers (“USACE”) approved the water crossing permits for the Dakota Access Pipeline, proposed to carry fracked oil from the Bakken fields in North… Source: Coalition Support of Tribal Lawsuits Against US Army Corps Permits for the Dakota Access Pipeline

You Can Hurt You A Lot

"The cliche goes that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but even more dangerous than that is more and more knowledge without a corresponding wisdom," she said. Facts are facts never in themselves knowledge, arranged and collected as we often do, inarticulately. Knowledge in itself is never wisdom. Let us live wisely seems another … Continue reading You Can Hurt You A Lot

The Highest Wisdom [A Short Story]

What else do you need but the essay to read? I will not give you a synopsis to take with you to then pretend you have read what you should have read without any help from me other than the words themselves here by the couple of thousand . . . a story , polemically expressed, particularly in response to recent currents in the American national political arena, most specifically in relation to the way we elect our presidents—President being a Title for the person holding the Office of the Presidency, perhaps the most important and influential office in world—but also with commentary on how ridiculously out of touch We the People of the United States are with respect to our needs and our interests, politically and otherwise, mostly with how we misread power from whichever side of the political coin we have invested our love of chance upon, with perhaps an oblique reference or two for how much we love to play ping pong with our national politics, as much as we are enthrall with playing hop-scotch with the Truth, yes, capital ‘T’ . . .

The Falling Leaf Review


What then should I say? What then can I say? What is it that I know? Facts, facts and more facts–give me nothing but facts, or so we could say Mr Gradgrind would say . . . did say in similar words, I remember Hard Times, he says. He says, Ours is another call for needful things. The one truly needful thing in our world, our culture, our country, this civilization of ours–whose civilization is it? How long is this civilization? He asks in earnest.

I have not disbanded with older notions of what our civilization has been, he says, what it has meant or could have meant in face of what it has never meant, he goes on, even if it tried to mean it for itself, he says. He says, Now the highest wisdom is Doubt.Yes, give us doubt and nothing else but doubt. Doubt, doubt and more…

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A Message to My Followers

From among the allegedly amazing people who follow my blog herein, how many have ordered a copy of my poetry collection, Land's End? Just asking. Because if you follow because you like, that should be appreciated, but then how appreciative should I be when your money is not put where your index presses. Sorry my many nameless … Continue reading A Message to My Followers

But Then This

And you have forgotten that the sun does shine on the nothing new.


Life that goes on in face of oppression was also true of Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto, is true of Arabs in Gaza, Tibetans occupied by China, as it was for Russians and Jews in the Soviet Union, African Americans in the Jim Crow South, the Jews seeking refuge in an isolated fledging prematurely born State of Israel surrounded by 50 million Arabs that swore to drive her into the sea, promised to lose 10 million Arabs to wipe out the Jews . . . even peoples occupied by the Nazis managed to live lives, to shout into the void, to listen for the echo.

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Nativity [a Short Story]

The Falling Leaf Review

for James Baldwin

I cannot fathom the depth of character, of mind, or of soul that is necessary for compassion. I have mastered the art of appearing to be compassionate, when in turn of fact, I am anything but understanding in a degree that qualifies as compassionate. A society bred on the idea that package is as important, or now more important, than product, cannot understand the distinctions between passion and emotion, or how depth of feeling is opposed to the appearance of having felt . . . I am stretching for excuses. I will always find something in my experiences to blame for my choices, a part of our past to use as a rationale for what I do, have done, will become. A native son infers lineage. I do hate as much as others hate, resent others as often as others resent someone else.

I was raised Catholic…

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Failure Meets Our Consumerist Designs

In a consumerist society, what is the pedagogic/educational equivalent of consumerism? Failure. In a society where little is made to last so we need to, thus expect to, buy again soon, a significant percentage of students failing is built into our pedagogy. CUNY for years kept its pass rate for its writing test, whether the … Continue reading Failure Meets Our Consumerist Designs

Another Moment in A Woman’s Life [Prose Poem]

I A conversation between two women, friends, buying coffee with their babies in baby carriages blocking paths they are oblivious to having blocked in the cafe. Do you ever imagine that you have the acumen to understand another person? Why do you call it acumen? I don't get that. Why fix on the word? Because … Continue reading Another Moment in A Woman’s Life [Prose Poem]

A Short Neck Among Giraffes [A Short-short Story]

The Falling Leaf Review

[I am wondering if you, my reader, will wonder what the differences between italics and roman type are in this text, in any text. A text is one that speaks to us, we have said. A text has something to say and all we have to do is listen. I also imagine that this is naive. This is a kind of passivity in the manner of interpreting? What is it that we hear when we listen to a text; what is it we hear when we do not listen appropriately?  I do not agree that texts are categorically distinct from archives; just as I do not imagine that anthologizing is not a form of archival collecting. What it is you take away, understand, listen to or listen for–neither one nor the other is the other not the one. I guess I cannot control everything; my intention is not the matter…

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Ludovico Media [A Short Story]

The Falling Leaf Review


July 4th, 2016; 7:47 AM EST; New York City.

Labyrinth and abyss.

I have always imagined Alex in A Clockwork Orange singing “London Bridge is Falling Down.” I do not think about why I have imagined thus. I have not asked the questions I would need to be able to–I have no questions ready. I have an idea why I imagine I see Alex singing falling down, falling down . . . London Bridge’s falling down,  my fair lady . . . yes, clealy and distinctly I hear Malcolm McDowell in my mind’s ears crooning this nursery rhyme, similarly crooning “Singing in the Rain,” I know you know this from the film even if you know the story from the novel.

I understand why Burgess’s book might have been disturbing to readers when published; I know how the movie was and is disturbing to many who have seen it…

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A Woman’s Parachute [A Short Story by JVR]

Abortion is a Woman's Parachute   ONE When I was a boy, a boy not so unlike any other boy, whatever boy it was I knew, we knew, in our blue collar Catholic neighborhood--there were others living there too, no? Of course there were Protestants and Jews--for my parents Jews were not as invisible or … Continue reading A Woman’s Parachute [A Short Story by JVR]

The Afternoon We Spent at the Rodin Museum in Paris with Death [short fiction]

Minutes waning. An oblique flash of moving from one gallery to another in the Rodin museum the last time I was in Paris ten years ago. All of piece together at once, no breaks in time or breath.  For a moment I was there enclosed by all that I had been subsumed by then, or … Continue reading The Afternoon We Spent at the Rodin Museum in Paris with Death [short fiction]

Caravaggio and I [A Short Story]

The Falling Leaf Review


I could not take my eyes off it at the Met, I recollect having read in a story centered on horror and the baroque, how perhaps the baroque and the 18th century sense of gothic in fiction were related aesthetically, in some ways anyway.

There have been many paintings I could not take my eyes off of, but this one, so large, it was tremendous. I recall having said as I walked into the gallery where it was hanging, Caravaggio’s La Deposizione, Christ being placed in his tomb, the two Mary(s) behind with their hands raised in epiphany–dead Jesus, the man, the glowing Christ still. I first went with a friend; then I went with family; then I went myself—I loved taking my dad then how long ago now decades earlier than the year he died.

How long ago was it? I should be able to answer, but…

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Imagination is Eternity? [fiction]

IMAGINATION IS ETERNITY I have presented many of Thomas Sarebbononnato's opinions through several blogs, the posts posted, the pages published in the Pages sections I maintain as one or another review I edit, have edited . . . there will be new ones that I will also edit, maintain, run . . .  as I have … Continue reading Imagination is Eternity? [fiction]

The Wake of a Wave Back into the Sea; or, She Wanted Lunch [Fiction]

The sun approaching noon, skies clear, a blue, crisp, a blue, pristine . . . sky unspoiled by humidity, dry today, as dry as sand, today, cliche sky, blue, nearly 0% humidity, you know---no clouds to speak of except thin wisps of cirrus . . .  What Ms. Stephens says, she says with pen and … Continue reading The Wake of a Wave Back into the Sea; or, She Wanted Lunch [Fiction]

The Shadows of the Bare Branches of the Tree on the Wall [A Short Story]

I What is it that anyone can say about what he sees? Or what he hears? Or what he feels? Things to say about--what can anyone say? Yes, what words are there in the treasure house of words, words and more words, so much cacophony---there are only these words to say, to tell, to speak, … Continue reading The Shadows of the Bare Branches of the Tree on the Wall [A Short Story]

ch 3 The Monologic Imagination [A Short Story]

for all those who are befuddled by the fact that we have come to a place in our history where Hilary and Donald are the choices we present for President of the United States; talk about going to hell in a hand cart The Monologic Imagination by Thomas Sarebbononnato Our world has been so much … Continue reading ch 3 The Monologic Imagination [A Short Story]

How Do You Spend Your Day When You Lose Count of the Minutes Passing? prose poem

Up to the Minute [A Short Story] How many minutes? How many minute-waning days? How are our days spent? Mine are spent in the minutes. We live life---I live life in the minutes, not the hours, not the years, not the days---weeks and weekends are absurd as well. Sun up to sun down. What do … Continue reading How Do You Spend Your Day When You Lose Count of the Minutes Passing? prose poem

Once Upon a Time; or, On the Nature of Diplomacy [prose poem]

How many more observations is he required to make---to take? What does it mean to make a mis-take? Ah! To take things the wrong way; which way; all ways. What he sees he says he has seen many times, even if he has seen it only once. There is little to no Truth in journalism … Continue reading Once Upon a Time; or, On the Nature of Diplomacy [prose poem]

What Else Do You Have to Say to Me?

Manhattan Puzzle; or, Matryoshka Dream [Short Story]   When I write the way I think a writer writes when he wants to have a narrator tell the story of a man who tells the story of another man telling the story of a man who exposes his sentiments about a bookstore's staff that he finds---why … Continue reading What Else Do You Have to Say to Me?

1 I Am, therefore I think [Short Story]

To kill or not to kill, that might be a question, if not the question. Is it nobler to imagine a world where killing would be unnecessary? How many slings and arrows of fortune should I have to endure? Is it be better to end them by ending their source, or continue to sleepwalk my way through life … Continue reading 1 I Am, therefore I think [Short Story]

All Too Human [A Short Story]

Note from the Editor: Pages from a philosophy student's notebook. No name. No age. No gender identification. July 1. The perfect human is the humane one, one who is endowed with the fullest faculties of his or her humanity intact, fully realized in his or her ability to be compassionate and forgiving, fully capable of loving … Continue reading All Too Human [A Short Story]

An ABOUT Page [prose poem]

Everything herein is fiction, not so much because everything herein is a thing made, thus a fiction, but because everything here is written by a fictional self for a fictional audience in a fictional America. No longer me, no longer America, no longer us or We. No matter how much something reads as if it … Continue reading An ABOUT Page [prose poem]

Enabling; or, Ethnic Correctness [Fiction]

  What is it that fiction should do? Should it do anything other than what it does, incidentally? Is there ever anything incidental about literature, the literary,or even the popular, or pulp, or any part of culture, any conduit, medium, any resulting exchange, reception, framing whatever have we to analyze, all analysis an anal-ization? Are … Continue reading Enabling; or, Ethnic Correctness [Fiction]

How All Letters are Essays, but not All Essays are Letters

The Letter [A Short Story]   A letter is an essay; all letters are kinds of essays. All the modern genres are plastic; all the genres of antiquity are not. They are fixed--what more need I say. The essay and the novel; just when does modernity begin. I have a more acute sense of what … Continue reading How All Letters are Essays, but not All Essays are Letters

Cold Leftovers for Lunch the Day after Thanksgiving [prose poem]

. . . and there you are, new nick names by Jean Vincent Renault to you my long lost friend from Grad School---Blazer Jim. How many years has it been? I hear you're married now. I always liked those professorial blazers you used to wear when we were back in Grad school. We should have … Continue reading Cold Leftovers for Lunch the Day after Thanksgiving [prose poem]

A Genealogy of Morals[A Short Story]

New Flowers of Evil; or An Ornery Man Speaks of Fleas, Rats, Misogyny and Garbage in the Lawn, as Well as New Home Owners who Destroy Beautiful Gardens and Cut Down Fruit Trees Turning their Fronts into Deserts or Newly Laid Concrete Patches Much, Much Hotter in the Summer Sun Prologue Spleen. Bile. Venting my … Continue reading A Genealogy of Morals[A Short Story]

Uncertainty is not a Principle [Flash Fiction]

Dinner for One i Horizon to horizon, one-hundred and eighty degrees of ocean horizon . . . what then must I say?  How up equals down horizontally; but how vertically, of course, it is another thing; up is up and down is down but not down is up or up is down---get it? I do. … Continue reading Uncertainty is not a Principle [Flash Fiction]

Incidentals of a Day[ poem]

Thank-you, Professor Ginsberg I Infinity or eternity, now that might be a question. Most of us presented with eternal happiness or infinite happiness would choose the latter. Most of us would be mistaken, grossly in error. What is it that we imagine would happen to us if the possibilities presented to us were infinite; wanting … Continue reading Incidentals of a Day[ poem]

Misery is for Misers [prose poem]

A worked-to-death body found floating in a river. A body discarded in water. The culprits had heard something about washing away sins. Ablutions taken in the Ganges she had talked about. A film I saw when I was a boy remains forgotten except for occasional slivers of pictures, still. What can I say that would … Continue reading Misery is for Misers [prose poem]

Impure Blood? [a short story]

Impure Blood [A Short Story] Prefatory Remarks by an Authorial Voice More remarks after the fact. Everything before a story is after the story. What is a story--true or fictional? I hesitate to say un-true for fictional story. There are many kinds of fictional forms. I am not going to delineate them here. I understand … Continue reading Impure Blood? [a short story]

A Whale of a Self; or, the Vocative Mood of a Sub-Sub Librarian [A Short Story]

A whale of a ride, a whale of a good time, a whale of a man, all of them big, better, greater. A whale of a Self--the Self of many selves is Leviathan of a kind, a calling we should be able to know by any other name, how we name the things in our … Continue reading A Whale of a Self; or, the Vocative Mood of a Sub-Sub Librarian [A Short Story]

The Pool, You Know; the Pool [A Short Story]

I The pool loves Narcissus. Echo loves Narcissus. Everybody talks about Echo. No one talks about the Pool. The Pool is unable to echo Narcissus's last words. The Pool cannot speak as Echo can speak, if Echo's punishment could be called an ability. The Pool reflects Narcissus's image, what he sees, what he falls in … Continue reading The Pool, You Know; the Pool [A Short Story]

How to Map the World with the Life of a Woman

Her husband only loves her when she is sad and depressed, which she is enough of the times for many others to think that she is a sad and depressed woman. When she is not sad and depressed she does not notice her husband, herself looking to everything or everyone other than he for her … Continue reading How to Map the World with the Life of a Woman

The Statues in the Museum All Lying Dead [ Fiction]

Loomings What should you call me? How should you refer to me? There are masks to wear everywhere in a text. The text is an ocean. The text is fluid. The text has boundaries. The universe is bound yet infinitely expanding. Eternity in an hour? If possible, then eternity in a text is also possible. … Continue reading The Statues in the Museum All Lying Dead [ Fiction]

Anonymity, She Said [A Short Story]

I Anonymity, she said, He says (something he wishes he understood better than he can, better than he suspects he cannot, would ever want to, perhaps sometimes). He says, I wish I understood you better.  She says, No you don't. You say you do, but you don't, not really, not ever, only words you know I … Continue reading Anonymity, She Said [A Short Story]

Finding a Pay Phone that Works [A Short Story]

Power knows without doubt that it can always get half of the poor to beat the shit out of the rest of the poor. I Now that street thugs have cell phones, they are not going to destroy the new terminals for charging cell phones. What!? They did not have quarters when the cost of … Continue reading Finding a Pay Phone that Works [A Short Story]

7 Death, Angels and the Moon [A Short Story]

I Hark the herald angels sing--did they not blow their trumpets signaling the re-creation of the universe at the Incarnation of the Son of God who is begotten not made before time and creation; all that nativity stuff that I took more seriously than Macy's could or would, but I did not go to church, … Continue reading 7 Death, Angels and the Moon [A Short Story]

[f] Good Friday Recollection [A Short Story]

Today is the day Christ died; eternal return, cosmos and history, archetypes and their repetition; time is a circle, this way, not a river. I remember the mouse; I recollect the essay; I see the stove in the kitchen. I imagine seeing her seeing the mouse; I think I can recall her having said that … Continue reading [f] Good Friday Recollection [A Short Story]

Democracy, Myself and I [Flash Fiction]

Good Kosher Pastrami is not in the Palate of the Be-taster Alone. --Jay V. R. American politics has been played as a match of policy ping-pong between entrenched liberal and conservative elites for too long. Both sides have been serving up as an ideal, one or another version of Publius as Populus, the Public in … Continue reading Democracy, Myself and I [Flash Fiction]

When You See an Opportunity to Get More Pie

Authenticity and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves A short story in the form of a journal entry that would have been made on  July 13th, 20xx, in Madrid, on Gran Via, a few blocks from Plaza D'Esapna, while having espresso; later that day over a bottle of Albarino; and even later than that at the … Continue reading When You See an Opportunity to Get More Pie

Waiting for Beckett [Flash Fiction

I used to judge the intelligence of people by whether or not they liked or understood or got it in some way or accepted its validity, the play, Waiting for Godot. How Well We Know Kosher Pastrami Might Tell Us Something about How Well We Understand the Nature of Politics and an Individual's Relationship to … Continue reading Waiting for Beckett [Flash Fiction

How a Letter Concerning Multicultural Understanding Can Help You Face Banality

short fiction A fragment of a letter concerning multicultural understanding; or, should it be an enquiry into multicultural understanding, a fragment? Where the rest of this letter is, is not important. How we, the editors, know that it is or was a letter is not something we are going to get into here except to … Continue reading How a Letter Concerning Multicultural Understanding Can Help You Face Banality

Matter Times the Velocity of Passion [Fiction]

Most of matter is empty space. --another fun fact from physics   Why he did not name this piece, Human Lives Matter; Black Lives are Human Lives, I cannot say; no, I will not investigate why I did not say as I could have about what he has said, what is herein presented by me for … Continue reading Matter Times the Velocity of Passion [Fiction]

I Remember Having Recollected that I Had Once Recalled [prose poem]

I in the mirror, you in the mirror, who is in the mirror?  I am in the mirror. You are in the mirror. You and I in the mirror, do I ever say we, do you? Who am I in the mirror? Who are you in the mirror? What am I? What are you? Who … Continue reading I Remember Having Recollected that I Had Once Recalled [prose poem]

Abortion is a Woman’s Parachute [A Short Story]

Editor's Preface i What is narrative that we should be subjected to a narrow proscription of what gets to be called story and what does not get to be called story? Yes, what then is fiction because a story that I tell you is true before I tell it, even if all of it is … Continue reading Abortion is a Woman’s Parachute [A Short Story]

Past Perfect; or, The Reconciliation of Inaccuracies [A Short Story]

Past Perfect; or, The Reconciliation of Inaccuracies [A Short Story]   I remember you every day. I am remembering you now. I remember you always; I have remembered you since the day we met. Memory engaged in the act of itself for you, I remembered you this morning. I had remembered you in my dreams. … Continue reading Past Perfect; or, The Reconciliation of Inaccuracies [A Short Story]

Visibility through the Storms [A Short Story]

  Next to is what it says it is, in French, it is a cote de, circumflex over the 'o' indicating an absent 's' after the vowel, which makes the word cognomen with the English 'coast,' which means then "at the coast of,' which is then another way to say "at the side of," every coast … Continue reading Visibility through the Storms [A Short Story]